The Paint Protection Package:-

new vehicles from only 

$199.00 (call for a quote)

Prices are for new/near new small/med vehicles requiring no paint correction. Vehicles requiring Paint Correction prior to the Car Coating application will require more time for preparation and will, therefore, incur an additional cost as will larger vehicles. Recommended to be applied in a covered area out of direct sun.


  • Your HOME or WORK application
  • Wash, polish & pretreat surface if required
  • Apply Ceramic or Polymer sealant to all surfaces incl glass
  • Leave to cure
  • Polish to tough gloss finish

Polymer A cold cure coating using PTFE-M (Teflon) resins which bond with your vehicles paint to obtain a smoother protective sealant finish that is long lasting and easier to keep clean.

Fact: Ordinary Waxes can just disappear in a matter of weeks from exposure to the elements(wax melts in the hot sun), car washing and rain. Ceramic nano polish bonds with the paint.

You've spent thousand$$$ on it -

don't let it fade away!

Seal your vehicles paint against-

  • Bat droppings, acid rain, tree sap
  • Coastal salt spray, oxidation, rust etc. 
  • Lasts for years (not weeks).
  • 4WD's, cars, bikes
  • even f/glass boats, yachts (decrease drag = increase performance)
  • all stay cleaner longer with this technology.

Highly recommended for:-

  • New
  • Near New
  • Cars left outside.